Color Musings


My work begins with a color choice and a movement, beginning with a breath through myself, making a line to break the white still surface, whether that surface is canvas, silk, or paper.  Once there is a line, other lines and forms join the dance, color fills the forms, expands the lines, and communication is made between the colors.  It can be an exciting process to breath life into a still surface.  My colors are deeply mixed, as I  am always looking for one I have not used before.  Some paintings are born full of themselves right off, others take time and layers to find their full story. 

My eyes have been capturing images of the natural world and holding these images dear, my inquiring mind has been asking about the turning of the earth, the shift of the many levels beneath us which can cause trembling, collisions, and emotional upheaval, as well as, family, love, and tremendous growth.  We are all exploring, experimenting, dancing through our days.  I am doing this through my paintings and I have a wish to see my paintings enriching the homes, conversations, and lives of others.  That gives me great pleasure-- to think I can share my color musings.


If any of you readers wish to share your thoughts, please be in touch with me by email or through my blog at  Being in conversation is important to me.

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