Thank you for finding my purchase info page...which might mean you are interested in one of my paintings.

As it is always difficult to price paintings, being they are personal, one of a kind records of my life, I have left the prices low--the same as they have been in shows in Vermont, but I do know that these prices will expand as demand for my work grows.  Please be in contact if you wish to purchase any of the offered paintings.  I do have a pay pal account and will certainly accept a personal check.  I am certain there is a system through, but I haven't learned it yet.  I do not accept credit cards, but work can be purchased on layaway terms if needed.  Cost of shipping will need to be determined separately for each piece.  The purchased painting will be sent directly following payment with best wishes for its enjoyment in your home and life.

More questions?  Please contact me, let's talk.